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Everything in Tech and Business from One

We do regulars too in marketing, websites, software, and other developments in IT,
although we strive making the results beyond average no matter the simplicity.

It is not just about technical knowledge. ProspectConsulting controls and develops the work with your website's SEO; hence, it attracts your target group more innovatively. Always "whitehat". Campaigns that stand out from the competition, advertising that attracts more through technical and psychological tactics, and sales expertise that activate the client are fundamental to us.


Web design & Media

With the strategic design, get attention from the masses by talking to your client's subconscious. We embed your target objective with marketing right down to the visual profile. Make visitors remember. Design your marketing with a proven sales- psychological strategy that elevate the actual response from each campaign.


Mobile webpage, app
& QR-code


Create a new part of your website that offers customers interaction with your company. Extract new benefits in marketing and sales with the right strategy and innovation via mobile optimization and applications. Rebuild with efficiency by the usage of QR codes minimizing costs.



Data collection

IT development is often about improvements and new ideas that need to be implemented. Equally often, the company knows what can be done better but is constrained by the cost of development in programming. We are experts in minimizing these investments with innovative ideas.


Sales CRM & Software


Businesses have different requirements for systems; therefore, a system for everyone is not always the smartest. With us, you can build your system customized to your company's needs.

Renting systems can be a good financial solution in the short term. However, they usually provide only partial solutions that lack overall efficiency, and in the long run, it would have been better to build your system.

& Authorship

​We have multilingual translators with native speakers from several countries around the world. We offer translations, sales texts, product texts, presentations, and professional "proofreading". We also offer innovative authorship according to your desired guidelines or objectives.

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