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Finding the right and cost-effective workforce in IT can be a dire challenge. The usual suspect is that you, as an inquirer, fail to understand the technical aspects to a point you are left trusting the "quoter" themselves without a notion of accuracy in time, price, or competence. We do the hard work better. At the same time, you can keep in touch with us under simpler and straightforward communication, one contact that also understands your business.

Dynamic and professional expertise at the right price
Professionally Yours, Quick!

ProspectConsulting is a dynamic company whose operations and working methods adapt to your needs. We can quickly acquire cutting-edge expertise in your interests and bring the project to a close in a concise time. Because our access to "tech pro"s is flexible, it does not matter if your project requires ten or one developers; the time horizon can be adapted to your needs and your budget.

Streamlined Action
Flexible investment
Right expenses

Adapting expertise around the objective and not compromising their skillset makes us deliver high-end solutions at surprisingly achievable costs. Also, due to our business-minded skillset, we see that effectiveness pays off best for your target.

Since we are better at what we do, less investment is possible.

Stockholm Sweden Panorama
Swedish Business Quality surveilling all resources

Primarily, all communication is handled during your project development via one contact administered through us. Thus, the communication around your objective is streamlined, and it is easy for you to deal with changes and updates together, so we achieve maximum efficiency.

Regardless of how our skillset is put together for reaching your goals, in the end, it is one contact at your service reaching all levels of your prospect.

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