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Coding Webdesign

Coding Webdesign

Successful IT starts with knowing your clients perception.

Powerful Workforce

Powerful Workforce

Professionals choosing professionals, beyond the norm.

Agile IT

Agile IT

An expert for any instance, anytime, anywhere.

Boundary Breaking

Boundary Breaking

Reinforce your marketing with sharp business thinking

Exceptional Creations

Exceptional Creations

Power you business think-tank, deliver remarkable impressions.

Dynamic Agreements

Dynamic Agreements

Get more for less, time efficiently.

Reach Further

Reach Further

We do not only reach demand, we can create it.

Why choose us?

Various leading companies have already worked directly or indirectly with ProspectConsulting, from small start-ups to today's market leaders in their field. This is the recurring expansion we have experienced. Another example of our greater strength is our ability to establish new market sub-segments, a scarce and hard-to-find possibility for a dedicated consultancy firm among most tech industry players. This is a direct effect of partnering with the right professionals who understand business mindsets and the importance of a high level of competency in advertising while being naturally innovative.

Join among leaders

ProspectConsulting finds the most suitable experts for your project, implements it in a set objective, and elaborates it in such a way that it is to your advantage when you hand it to us. The selection of expertise is based on the requirements of your project and with the claim of the best possible experience. Relevant experience that our competitors often do not understand, meaning that we analyze our partners in a deeper psychological and business way. The IT professionals partnering with your project have all passed tests that assess their skills and knowledge in detail. With our all-around analytical business skills and scientifically backed personality analysis, we select the most suitable experts for your project. Our commitment and accountability never waivers in a process. On the contrary, we increase the review and preparation of outcome opportunities in the ongoing process to constantly identify potentials and risks reinforcing preparation for achieving the best possible outcome. Therefore, monitoring, guidance, and presence around the development of our prospects are of world-leading quality.

Impressive Strength

High implementation results are essential, but the quality of each result is even more important. We pride ourselves on recurring results, regardless of the industry we serve, demonstrating our superior ability to drive greater and sustainable growth within diverse client bases. With a proven ability to influence or change human behavior to a planned extent, we see the foundations for all the possibilities within which we can steer towards your goal. Psychology is essential here. A deeper understanding of you and your clients is fundamental to us. Implementation beyond the norm can only be achieved by understanding the parts of a whole that limit its structure, defining its existence, and then acting on these factors.

Advance Strategy

This means understanding business mindsets and how they are made up of all the individual considerations that constitute the whole, i.e., the business. With our knowledge of virtually taking apart, analyzing the pieces, and building them together in new ways, we have achieved many previously unexpected goals for our clients. By truly caring about each part, we achieve more serious control. Every part of your business is already impacting your clients. We initiate micromanagement in a new, smarter way by strategically building goals based on specific interests and understanding responses more professionally.

Business Psychology

Many have asked us positivities, "How can you see this solution?", "How do you know that?" after experiencing great results. In order for us to come to a conclusion or even a point of view when we think we know something, we rely on our own experience and search extensively for evidence to prove ourselves wrong by looking at real results of human progress as well as the experience of growing different business volumes among a variety of people and markets. For us, numbers cannot be wrong; instead, we care about those who compose a great arrow of response from the factual reality outside our opinion. When analyzing our companions, neither do feelings lie once there is no reason for lying. In this sense, it is easier to understand successful businesses because there are still people and real numbers behind them. Thus, we can infer their feelings from their reactions and opinions on a business level. Our answer to why we are so good at what we do is "we know people", where an experienced business person can come from, and how their mindset developed when they had no experience. We know how an individual can progress in hundreds of ways, becoming something else from what they are today. We have learned this through our years of active work with business individuals, their progress, and companies.

Integrity & Responsibility

ProspectConsulting safeguards clients' integrity. A real reason for this unusual diligence has emerged due to our strong capabilities in marketing. Therefore, our company is committed to never working in direct conflict of interest with competing projects carried out in the last five years per unique assignment. This also means a positive quality guarantee for authorities, government, and official organizations. More power means more responsibility. Regardless of the goals to be achieved, ProspectConsulting treats each assignment discretely and always assesses the potential outcome of your interest per law and regulation. This includes our own moral and ethical guidelines if we assume your wishes. ​ Furthermore, as a company or its associates, ProspectConsulting does not comment on past, ongoing, or future client prospects. We present news of interests here at our site that may or may not be associated with projects. For client discretion, we do not present any collaborations, respond to media attention or engage in social media to ensure a strictly exclusive and devoted business with our clients. Also, as a safeguard to each assessment, we use departmentalization to separate risks and human error, a part of reaching your objectives while securely erasing obstacles.

"We repeatedly did better than the rest, no matter our client business or size, this gave us a choice, continue focus on one client making them just another leader in their field... or utilize our skillset in a bigger way...and become available for each one of the leaders..."
 - Founder, Pontus Dau

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Solutions Within:

  • Subliminal Marketing

  • Subliminal Design

  • Financial Streamlining

  • Go Viral Marketing*

  • Mass psychology analysis

  • Market psychology

  • Market analysis

  • Targeted expansion

  • Websites, IT & Software

  • Long-term goal control

  • Pirate Marketing*

  • Departmental structuring

  • Hierarchical structural orientation

  • Risk Assessment

  • Unique Solutions

  • Business Setups

  • Bookkeeping

  • Emerging Markets

  • Market Creation*

  • Directed Behavioral Influence*

  • Micro-Macro Influence*

  • Social Influence

  • Local Influence

  • National Influence

  • International Influence

  • Media Diversion*

  • Society Inspirational Marketing*

  • Social Engineering*

  • Scalable Media Attention*

  • Company profiling

  • Internal Business Cohesion

  • Annual Marketing Campaigns

  • New Legal Orientation*

  • Compartmentalized Solutions

  • Intelligence Gathering

  • Data Collection

  • Classified Authorization

  • Business Structure

  • Target-specific Marketing

  • Graphic Design & Media

  • Venture Capital

  • Angel Investors

  • Programming

  • Innovation

  • Business Strategy

  • Business Execution start-end

(*Local difference in availability may apply.)

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Healthy Foods

ProspectConsulting is further escalating its reach of activities in the field of healthy foods. Local presence and new recipes are some of the demands lacking fulfillment internationally.



A decentralizing Internet opens opportunities for individual global collaboration. In the long term, surprisingly, there will be no need for borders of countries to separate individuals. A new interesting modernized authority may reign.

Internet 3.0
To be continued...


Just 15 years ago, things were stiff and without feelings and not for everyone. Well, today, you guessed it right, everyone wants in and is getting in. However, how has the same ole market changed with new behavior engaging? Or has it?

The Financial Markets and Our Behavior

“The future belongs to those who can imagine it, design it, and execute it. It isn’t something you await, but rather create.”



- His Highness Sheikh          Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum,

Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE, and Ruler of Dubai

To be continued...
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